The Standards of Nursing Practice

The most immediate concern alternatives grand mal epileptic seizures is to prevent traumatic injury and/or choking. with the uncontrolled violent
movements of the entire body, besides the danger of choking, Victims have incurred all types of bone injuries and internal bleeding with damage to vital organs. wholesale jerseys
Thus the only way to prevent injury is to be with the patient when the seizure begins and have ready all of the required equipment. begin with, The assessment of risk that the patient will have a seizure during the stay in hospital requires a history and observation of certain risk factors:1. New diagnosing seizure disorder; 2. us wholesale jerseys
habitual seizure activity; 3. Any seizure activity during the past year; 4. History of head trauma including surgery within the past three years; 5. Treatment with drug treatments that lower the seizure threshold (antidepressants and anti psychotics) 6. the of anti epileptic medication for evaluation of a seizure disorder and re adjustment of medication regimen; 7. thusly, When seizure precautions are warranted by any of the above risk factors the care plan must include this particular:1. make sure the patient has the following equipment: a. Nasal cannula and hoses; s. Oxygen circulation meter; d. suction gauge; deb. Suction container; u. Suction tubing in order to connect to canister; 2. Assign patient to room in close proximity to the nurses station; 3. Maintain continuous declaration via video monitor; 4. Maintain assembled suction components in room; 5. Maintain assembled oxygen components at bedside; 6. Pad side-rails of bed; 7. Keep bed in low position with all side rails up regularly; 8. Keep unwanted equipment out of patients room; 9. Instruct patient not to leave bed without assistance; 10. guaranteeing that call bell is always within patients reach. Make sure that the household knows where it is and how to use it; 11. Avoid use of restraints; 12. Obtain one to one sitter if patient cannot follow instructions to maintain safety; 13. Being at risk of having a grand mal seizure while unattended is extremely dangerous because of the opportunity of catastrophic injury and/or choking.

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